Jumaat, 6 Julai 2007

Here The New Team...

Bayern, one og the rich club at Europe football - swoop in to make overall changes after 2006-07 disastrous season(just only not make it to the Champions League)... Rummenigge hint last season that the club will be invest more than 100 million dollar to pay their sin to the fans...

Now, the buying is just complete for Ottmar Hiztfield which has 7 new players....

Buy : Marcell Jansen...
This is good buy, after this Bayern will have group of fullbacks like another big club... Jansen (x B. Mönchengladbach) is star in the making for germany that will share same position with Philip Lahm...

Buy : Hamit Altintop, Ze Roberto, Jan Schaudraff, Jose Sosa & Franck Ribery...
- This new season will be tough for opponent to control midfield, Altintop (key player for Turkey) have strong ability to be like Bayern Legend, Stefan Effenberg...
- Ze Roberto, one of player that win Champions League 2001...
- Sosa, provide creativity of South American style...
- Jan Schlaudraff, more to attacking player who have high-energy level & may be a goal getter...
- & there he come, Franck Ribery, the most popular & big name player that take Bayern Offer rather than any other rich club... He is like Zidane but with speed, tough, skill full & strong enough to beat any great defender around the world like he prove at the World Cup Germany 2006...
- Want more... emmmm... average of bayern player will be 24 @ below... Young Gun will be core of next generation of Bayern Munchen... - Schweinsteiger (22), Lahm (23), Andreas Ottl (22) and Lukas Podolski (22)

Buy : Luca Toni & Klose...
- Luca Toni form my opinion is much like Batistuta (my fav player of all time), too little things to find different between them... tough physical, strong in the air, etc...
- Klose, prolific striker who always at the right time at the right place... He's header became nightmare to goalkeeper... Has ability to dribble the defender...

Buy : No one...
- This is icon, Oliver Kahn, no one can take his place... But, he already said that this new season will be the last... So, Chance for Michael Rensing to shine & show that he is succesor to Oli Kahn... & Don't worry, Germany have so many talented goalkeeper, so Bayern didn't needed to take much concern...

Rabu, 4 Julai 2007

Eric Cantona...


Date of Birth : 24 May 1966.
Place of Birth : Marseilles, France
Nickname : King Cantona, Eric the Red...
Height : 6' 2" (1.88 m)
Clubs: Auxerre (debut 1983), Martigues (on loan), Auxerre again, Marseille, Bordeaux (on loan), Marseille again, Montpellier (on loan), Marseille yet again, Nimes, Sheffield Wednesday (trial), Leeds, MANCHESTER UNITED.
International Caps: 43 (20 goals).
English Debut: For Leeds versus Oldham, 8th February 1992.

European Under-21 Championship for France: 1988.
French Cup for Montpellier: 1990.
French League for Marseille: 1991.
English Division One for Leeds: 1992.
Premier League for United: 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997.
FA Cup for United: 1994, 1996.
PFA Player of the Year: 1994.
Footballer of the Year: 1996.

Eric Cantona is most known for his skill on the soccer field. Starring at Old Trafford, Manchester United's homeground, Cantona got the nickname "The King". The controversial striker has been praised as the one who brought back the trophies to one of the world's most famous soccer clubs. Cantona is well-known for being banned from playing soccer for 8 months after kicking a fan during a match. His career at Old Trafford was like a marriage: filled with passion, and turbulent.

And just as shocking as his arrival, was his departure. Out of the blue, Man Utd called for a press conferance during the summer of 1997 announcing Cantona's retirement. He felt it was time to concentrate on acting and painting. The controversial Frenchman is a gifted individual, who always will go his own ways.

About Eric...
  • Trade Mark "Upturned collar on football shirt"
  • Played number 7 for Manchester United.
  • When he played football he was an expert penalty taker.
  • Captain of the French Beach soccer team.
  • Sent off twice in four days whilst playing for Manchester United in 1994.
  • He scored 17 of the 19 penalties that he took for Manchester United.
  • Scored 80 League and Cup goals for Manchester United: 56 with his right foot, 10 with his left, and 14 with his head.
  • Played in 14 FA cup games for Manchester United. Never finished on the losing side.
  • His name is still sung by the 67,000 people at Old Trafford whenever there is a home game.
  • Won three consecutive soccer league titles for three different clubs, Marseille, Leeds United, and Manchester united.
  • Rock band Ash used a photograph of Cantona kicking a football fan for the sleeve art of their 1995 single 'Kung Fu'.

Jumaat, 22 Jun 2007

Stefan Effenberg...

Pemain: Stefan Effenberg
Warganegara: German
Tempat Lahir: Hamburg, Germany
Tarikh Lahir: 02 OGOS 1968
Tinggi: 188 cm
Berat: 88 kg
Pasukan Kebangsaan: Germany
Kelab Sekarang: Al-Arabi (Kuwait)
Posisi: Central Midfielder

Stefan Effenberg. Bagi aku, nama Stefan Effenberg sinonim dengan zaman gemilang samada di dalam sejarah Bayern Munchen dan juga Jerman sebagai 'Natural Leader'. Dia pemimpin, rajin, bervisi, mempunyai tackle keras dan juga tendangan padu...

Effenberg memang seorang yg 'Natural-Born Leader' dengan kebolehan untuk membawa & juga menjadi inspirasi kepada rakan sepasukan ketika saat-saat genting & tegang. Sesuai dengan gelarannya yg diberi rakan pasukannya, 'Big Boss'.

Pada aku, dia seorang player yang betul-betul bagi effect pada permainan Bayern Munchen pada 90an sampai la awal tahun millenium. Walaupun nama besar menggantikannya, seperti Ballack, memang tak dapat menyamai kebolehannya ketika pasukan memerlukan.

Dia ke Bayern Munchen drpd Borussia Mönchengladbach pada 1990 dengan usia 22,tapi tak berapa menjadi & tiada anugerah yang kemudiannya dia bhijrah ke kelab lain. Tetapi ketibaan kali ke-2 pada 1998 ke Bayern menjadi lambang kejayaan dengan menjadi 'starring role'.

Hitzfeld memang tak sembunyikan keinginan untuk memiliki Effenberg kembali. Salah satu katanya yang menjadi ingatan, "Stefan Effenberg leads this team, many of my players come to life when he's around. He goes up to his team-mates and instil confidence. When others are looking for a hiding place, that's when Effenberg steps forward,".

Ottmar Hitzfeld telah tetapkan dari hari pertama lagi di Bayern ketika itu, untuk membina pasukan melalui Effenberg. Effenberg membayar segala kpercayaan Ottmar dengan persembahan yang luarbiasa & dengan rekod, antaranya menang Bundesliga 1999, 2000 dan juga yang paling utama, Champions League 2001.

Pada 5 May 2002, ketika menghadapi game akhirnya dengan Bayern mlawan Hansa Rostock, 63, 000 penykong Bayern memberi 'Standing Ovation" dengan sepanduk besar spanjang 20 meter , "Milan 2001, we'll never forget! Thanks Effe!".

Dia adalah kapten pasukan ketika menjuarai Champions League (UEFA Champions League) pada 2001 itu. Tahun itu juga, beliau memenangi anugerah UEFA Champions League Most Valuable Player.

Pasukan Kebangsaan...

Effenberg memenangi hanya 35caps untuk negaranya & jaringkan 3 gol... Dia akan sntiasa diingati sebab dgantung ketika world Cup 94 di USA kerana mnunjukkan isyarat lucah kpd pnyokong Jerman sendiri. Berti Vogts & DFB tiada pilihan lain kcuali mnyingkir dia dari kejohanan itu. Jerman juga tersingkir awal di pringkat suku akhir ke tangan Bulgaria tanpanya.

Sampai sekarang, perbuatannya tu dipanggil sebagai "showing / doing the Effenberg".

Khamis, 21 Jun 2007

Enzo scifo..

Vincenzo "Enzo" Scifo

Here is one of the player that i respect the most...Enzo Scifo...

Vincenzo "Enzo" Scifo (born February 19, 1966) is a Belgian football midfielder. Scifo was proved himself an highly promising talent in youth football. Originally Italian born by Italian parents, Vincenzo Scifo was nicknamed the 'Little Pele' after scoring 432 goals in only four seasons as a junior.

He joined the Belgium side La Louviere aged 14 but soon transferred to R.S.C. Anderlecht, first team debut in 1983.

He decided to play internationally for Belgium in 1984, International debut in 1984 against Yugoslavia. He moved to Inter Milan in 1987 but did very poorly, soon moving to Girondins Bordeaux in 1988 where he again disappointed.

His career was revived by a successful move to AJ Auxerre in 1989, which led to a return to Italy with A.C. Torino in 1991. He then moved to AS Monaco (1993) before ending his career with his first club, Anderlecht (1997).

He retired in 2000 after being diagnosed with chronic arthritis. He tried his hand at coaching with Charleroi SC, joining them for the 2000-01 season. Indifferent results led to his resignation in June 2002.


In 1986, Belgium surprised many by reaching the semifinals of the World Cup in Mexico, and Scifo contributed a great deal to their success. He played in all the seven games and scored two goals. Anderlecht could not stop him from taking the big step to the Serie A in 1987.

By the time the 1990 World Cup started in Italy, many expected Belgium to emulate their achivements of four years earlier. Scifo scored a magnificent goal against Uruguay in the first round, but England scored a last minute winner in extra-time of the second round which meant Belgium were eliminated much sooner than they had hoped for.

Born: 19 Feb 1966
Caps: 84
Goals: 18

4th place 1986
Participated : 1986,1990,1994,1998.
Games/Goals : 17/3

Rabu, 6 Jun 2007

Reunion : 1967 Cup Winners Cup heroes

42 years have passed since Bayern began their ascent from humble origins to become Germany’s most successful club. The men in red followed their 1965 elevation to the Bundesliga with victory in the DFB German Cup the following season, before adding the club’s first European trophy to the display cabinet just 12 months after that, when Bayern defeated Glasgow giants Rangers 1-0 after extra time in Nuremberg on 31 May 1967 to claim the European Cup Winners Cup.

Almost exactly 40 years to the day of that momentous event, the heroes of 1965-67 were invited by the Bayern Presidential Committee to a reunion at the Paulaner Nockherberg tavern, where the list of those present naturally included household names such as Sepp Maier, Gerd Müller and Franz Beckenbauer.

Present at the reunion: Gustl Starek, Gerd Müller, Adi Kunstwadl, Hubert Windsperger, Rudi Grosser, Hans Rigotti, Hermann Landerer, Peter Kupferschmidt, Hans Nowak, Karl Schneider, Josef Röckenwagner, Manfred Mokosch, Franz Beckenbauer, Sepp Maier, Dieter “Mucki” Brenninger, Jakob Drescher and Werner Olk.

Taken From:
- Official Website

Jumaat, 1 Jun 2007

Gabriel Batistuta...

This is my Idol player since i was young... i remember watching him play for the first time, Batistuta is very natural striker, doesn't needed variety of skill to scorer, so much idea, very strong physical, etc... The successful race of the maximum anotador in the history of the Argentina Selection.

He still the best for me, today, the striker who have batistuta style is such as Andriv Shevchenko & Luca Toni... I just like striker that have natural instinct (not depend only with great skills)...

Batistuta's impressive career began with Newell's Old Boys, then had brief spells at River Plate and Boca Juniors before spending nine years at Italian side Fiorentina.

There he became the club's record goalscorer, inspired them to win the Italian Cup and Super Cup and even had a statue erected in his honour at the ground, paid for by fans.
In 2000, he joined Roma, where he won the Scudetto, and three years later had a brief spell at Inter Milan before his ill-fated move to the Middle East.

As well as becoming Argentina's record goalscorer, Batistuta played for them in three World Cups - 1994, 1998 and 2002 - and was part of their Copa America-winning sides in 1991 and 1993.
He scored 56 goals in 78 internationals and spent much of his career in Italy but had his last contract, at Qatari club Al Arabi, cancelled due to injury.
Gabriel Information...
Full Name : Gabriel Omar Batistuta
Nickname : "Batigol"
Birth date : February 1, 1969
Birthplace : Avellaneda (Santa Fe), Argentina
Height : 6'1"
Position : Forward Striker
Spouse : Irina Fernandez
Batistuta Children : Thiago, Lucas, Joaquin and Shamel
Parents : Osmar and Gloria Batistuta
Siblings : Elisa, Alejandra and Gabriela
Email: gabriel@batistuta.com
Official site: www.batistuta.com

Jumaat, 25 Mei 2007

May 2007...

Ranking Dunia bagi May 2007, Italy masih Numero Uno selepas menang World Cup German 2006 :-

1 Italy
2 Brazil
3 Argentina
4 France
5 Germany
6 The Netherlands
7 Portugal
8 England

10 Czech Republic
11 Ukraine
12 Croatia

13 Cameroon
14 Scotland

15 Romania
16 Greece
17 Russia
18 Poland
19 Turkey
20 Mexico
150 Bahamas
151 Swaziland
152 Solomon Islands
153 Kyrgyzstan
154 Nicaragua
155 Sierra Leone
156 Myanmar
156 Malaysia - ni lah kedudukan negaraku tercinta... Sama level dengan Negara yang tak pernah korang dengar...

156 Grenada
159 Maldives
160 Vanuatu
161 Sri Lanka
161 Andorra
163 Turkmenistan
163 St Lucia
165 Laos

FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking...

Ini cara rangking Dunia dikira :

1. Ranking takkan lagi ambil kira 8 tahun terakhir, tapi hanya 4 tahun terakhir prestasi sitap pasukan.

2. Analisa & Pengujian : Keputusan, Kepentingan Perlawanan, Kekuatan Lawan, Kekuatan mengikut Benua & Jumlah Perlawanan.

3. Jumlah jaringan & Kelebihan Tuan rumah TIDAK LAGI diambilkira di dalam rangking.

Cara pengiraan ini digunakan selepas World Cup 2006, dengan nama FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking appears pada 12 July 2006.

Intro : Pahang FA...

Here is little information about my home team that i support since i was born...

Full name : Football Association of Pahang
Nickname(s) :Tok Gajah, The Elephants
Founded : 1959
Ground : Darulmakmur Stadium, Kuantan,
Capacity : 40,000
Chairman : DYTM Tg Abdul Rahman Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah
Manager : Zainal Abidin Hassan
League : Malaysian Super League

The Football Association of Pahang (Malay: Persatuan Bolasepak Pahang) enters a team in Malaysian Football competitions to represent the state of Pahang. The team is based in Kuantan. They play in the top division in Malaysian football, the Malaysian Super League. Their home stadium is Darulmakmur Stadium.

The Presidency of the association is held by YAM Tengku Muda Pahang Tengku Abdul Rahman Ibni Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, who replaced his brother KDYTM Tengku Abdullah Ibni Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah for 2007-2010 session.

Former national players Zainal Abidin Hassan and Haji Ahmad Yusof are currently the team's key personnel. Zainal, who was previously coached Pahang from 2004 until 2005/06 is now the manager. The Kuantan-born star Zulhamizan Zakaria is currently employed as the team's assistant coach, and Muazzar Mohamad is the goalkeeping coach.All 4 of these individuals previously played for the Malaysian national team, and were also members of Pahang's 1992 Malaysia Cup winning team.

Great former local players :
Zainal Abidin Hassan (1992)

Dolah Saleh (1992)
Jamal Nasir (1983)

Great former Import Players :
Tarik El Janaby (2006/07)
Bernard Tchoutang (2004/2005-2005/06)
Teafore Bennett (2005/06)
Mamadou Diallo (2004)
Matthew Bingley (2004)
Ante Milicic (2004)
Simon Colosimo (2004)
Zsolt Bucs (1997)
Igor Shykrin (1995)
Gus Cerro (1995)
Attapol Buspakom (1994)
Vitoon Kitmongkolsuk (1994)
Alan Davidson (1992-1995)
Fandi Ahmad (1991-1992)
Piyapong Piew-on (1983)


Malaysia Cup
Champions (2 times) - 1983, 1992
Runners-up (4 times) - 1984, 1994, 1995, 1997

Malaysian Super League
Champions (1 times) - 2004

FA Cup
Champions (1 times) - 2005/06

Runners-up (1 times) - 1995

Malaysia Charity Shield (Sultan Ahmad Shah Cup)
usually played between FA Cup winners and Malaysia Cup winners
Champions (1 times) - 1993
Runners-Up (2 times) - 1984, 2006/07

Khamis, 17 Mei 2007

Football Association of Malaysia...

Malaysia Soccer Team never really get back to time of their prime period ('60s,'70s,'80s)... Right now, Malaysia rank 156 of the world ranking... what a shame...

here is a little bit of history of Football Association of Malaysia ;

Early 1920's
in 1926, the first foundation stone for the Football Association of Malaya (FAM) was laid before it was officially founded as a national body in 1933.

First Malaysia Prime Minister - FAM President
In 1951, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj - the first Prime Minister of Malaysia - became the President.

The New Era of Modernization and Professionalism
His Royal Highness the Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah was integral in the growth of football in the new era with the introduction of the semi-pro league in 1989 before the game went fully professional several years later.
Among the high points in Malaysian football under His Royal Highness was the successful hosting of the World Youth Cup in 1997 as well as the organization of the Premier League, which is to be called the Super League in 2004.


Diego Armando Maradona (born Oct 30, 1960) is an Argentina former football player. He played in 4 Different World Cups and received the FIFA award for best footballer of the 20th century, after being voted in an international fan poll organized by FIFA in 2000 to choose the best football player of all time.

Maradona had a compact physique and could withstand physical pressure well. His strong legs and low center of gravity gave him an advantage in short sprints.

One of Maradona's trademark moves was Dribbing full-speed as a left wing, and on reaching the opponent's goal line, delivering lethally accurate passes to his teammates. Another trademark was the Rabona, a reverse-cross pass shot behind the leg that holds all the weight. He was also a dangerous Free Kick taker.

For me, Maradona is the king of Fotballer... Compare to Pele, i think Maradona is ahead of Pele in every part of fthe game (please don't compare personal life)...

Career statistics
His overall average of goals scored per match in domestic club competitions is 0.53.
34 goals in 91 app for Argentina (1977-1994)
21 matches for Argentina in 4 World Cups (1982, 1986, 1990, 1994)
World Cup record : 16 times as captain of the national team.
Tied for second-highest goal-scorer from Argentina in World Cup finals (surpassed by
Gabriel Batistuta in 1998)


Mokhtar Dahari was a legendary for Malaysian National Football Team. Was Born on 13 November 1953. He was one of the best players in Whole Asia in '70s.

The Fan called him "Supermokh" including the young generation fan who tried to imitate his move. Along with goalkeeper R Arumugam, defenders Santokh Singh and Soh Chin Aun, midfielders Reduan Abadullah and Shukor Salleh and Mokhtar's partner upfront Isa Bakar, Mokhtar Dahari's Selangor and Malaysia was a force to be reckoned with in the '70s.

In international games, he helped Malaysia score a total of 125 goals in 167 caps. Malaysia vs Arsenal F.C. Malaysia won 2-0 and Mokhtar scored both goals. He scored a goal in a 1-1 draw against England B in 1978 by dribbling past half of the England B Team.

This Number 10 of Selangor also had a friendly game against another no.10, Diego Maradona's Boca Juniors in 1982.

Mokhtar died at the age of thirty nine of Muscular Dystrophy11 July 1991. For Malaysian, Supermokh is the finest Malaysia footballer that we ever have...

Below is a bio about SuperMokh :

Club Soccer:-
1970: Darul Afiah (Division Two)
1972: Selangor Economic Development Corporation (PKNS)
1984: Talasco Insurance
1986: Kwong Yik Bank

State Duty
Played for Selangor in the 1972 Burnley Cup (Sarawak)
Played for Selangor in the Malaysia Cup Series from 1972-1986
Selangor Asst coach from 1987-1988
National Duty:-
Merdeka Tournament: 1972-1984
Asian Games: 1974 (Teheran), 1978 (Bangkok)
Sea Games: 1975 (Bangkok), 1977 (Kuala Lumpur), 1979 (Jakarta)
Final appearence for Malaysia: Pre-olympics in Seoul in 1985