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Diego Armando Maradona (born Oct 30, 1960) is an Argentina former football player. He played in 4 Different World Cups and received the FIFA award for best footballer of the 20th century, after being voted in an international fan poll organized by FIFA in 2000 to choose the best football player of all time.

Maradona had a compact physique and could withstand physical pressure well. His strong legs and low center of gravity gave him an advantage in short sprints.

One of Maradona's trademark moves was Dribbing full-speed as a left wing, and on reaching the opponent's goal line, delivering lethally accurate passes to his teammates. Another trademark was the Rabona, a reverse-cross pass shot behind the leg that holds all the weight. He was also a dangerous Free Kick taker.

For me, Maradona is the king of Fotballer... Compare to Pele, i think Maradona is ahead of Pele in every part of fthe game (please don't compare personal life)...

Career statistics
His overall average of goals scored per match in domestic club competitions is 0.53.
34 goals in 91 app for Argentina (1977-1994)
21 matches for Argentina in 4 World Cups (1982, 1986, 1990, 1994)
World Cup record : 16 times as captain of the national team.
Tied for second-highest goal-scorer from Argentina in World Cup finals (surpassed by
Gabriel Batistuta in 1998)

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