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Eric Cantona...


Date of Birth : 24 May 1966.
Place of Birth : Marseilles, France
Nickname : King Cantona, Eric the Red...
Height : 6' 2" (1.88 m)
Clubs: Auxerre (debut 1983), Martigues (on loan), Auxerre again, Marseille, Bordeaux (on loan), Marseille again, Montpellier (on loan), Marseille yet again, Nimes, Sheffield Wednesday (trial), Leeds, MANCHESTER UNITED.
International Caps: 43 (20 goals).
English Debut: For Leeds versus Oldham, 8th February 1992.

European Under-21 Championship for France: 1988.
French Cup for Montpellier: 1990.
French League for Marseille: 1991.
English Division One for Leeds: 1992.
Premier League for United: 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997.
FA Cup for United: 1994, 1996.
PFA Player of the Year: 1994.
Footballer of the Year: 1996.

Eric Cantona is most known for his skill on the soccer field. Starring at Old Trafford, Manchester United's homeground, Cantona got the nickname "The King". The controversial striker has been praised as the one who brought back the trophies to one of the world's most famous soccer clubs. Cantona is well-known for being banned from playing soccer for 8 months after kicking a fan during a match. His career at Old Trafford was like a marriage: filled with passion, and turbulent.

And just as shocking as his arrival, was his departure. Out of the blue, Man Utd called for a press conferance during the summer of 1997 announcing Cantona's retirement. He felt it was time to concentrate on acting and painting. The controversial Frenchman is a gifted individual, who always will go his own ways.

About Eric...
  • Trade Mark "Upturned collar on football shirt"
  • Played number 7 for Manchester United.
  • When he played football he was an expert penalty taker.
  • Captain of the French Beach soccer team.
  • Sent off twice in four days whilst playing for Manchester United in 1994.
  • He scored 17 of the 19 penalties that he took for Manchester United.
  • Scored 80 League and Cup goals for Manchester United: 56 with his right foot, 10 with his left, and 14 with his head.
  • Played in 14 FA cup games for Manchester United. Never finished on the losing side.
  • His name is still sung by the 67,000 people at Old Trafford whenever there is a home game.
  • Won three consecutive soccer league titles for three different clubs, Marseille, Leeds United, and Manchester united.
  • Rock band Ash used a photograph of Cantona kicking a football fan for the sleeve art of their 1995 single 'Kung Fu'.

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